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      Hangzhou Tonglu Kanger Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd has been designated as one of the high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province. It was founded in April,1999,located at a provincial economic development zone of Tonglu. It's along the Fuchun River, covering 6500 square meters of the factory area. The company specializing in developing, manufacturing and selling surgical instruments of Laparoscope, Thoracoscope, Gynecological Laparoscope and so on.

      Copyright All rights reserved:Hangzhou Tonglu Kanger medical instrument Co.,Ltd 浙ICP备09104646号
      Contact:Bonnie(bonnie.wu@tlkanger.cn)/Sophia(sophia@tlkanger.cn) ? Telephone:0571-64609977
      Address:108 Langyuan Road, Tonglu Economic Development Zone,Zhejiang Province

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